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Easter Time

Maria Warming Brink Tsalapatis COVID-19 Easter Opening hours Retsina

There is not much holiday excitement planning for the Easter this year. However, the days-off are soon over us.

We have posted a little extra newsletter on the opening hours this week (14) and next week (15) to make sure you can stock-up on your fav Greeks before everything close down, even more than it is:

Week 14
Friday, April 3, 3-7PM

Week 15
Wednesday, April 8, 3-7PM
Saturday, April 11, 11AM-3PM

Also we have a couple of offers ready to tempt you a little, for example on Retsina, good with the marinated Easter herring...

Read more here, Newsletter, Extra, April 2, 2020

Take good care out there...

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