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Meze & Wine Bar Pop-Up

Maria Tsalapatis Chef Georgios Baltzis Greek wine Maria W. B. Tsalapati Meze and wine Pop-up Terroiristen Wine Bar wine Wine bar

Next weekend, July 28-29, Chef Georgios Baltzis and Oinofilia's Maria Warming Brink Tsalapati will transform Terroiristen wine bar of Copenhagen into a Greek-wine-only-spot, as you can find them best in busy bustling downtown Athens... 

At the Pop-up you will be able to taste a variety of handmade Mediterranean inspired meze of local Nordic produce a la carte or as a set. With the meze there'll be big selection of wines to explore on the Greek indigenous grape varieties from the mainland and islands. 

Dot down the dates & times, ελάτε, elate, come along!

Check more details on the event on Facebook.

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