Jonas is a wine enthusiast, with a passion for natural wines and good food, with experience of both from his time in the restaurant kitchens of Copenhagen.
He has great passion for making fun and interesting food pairings and learn everything on the ancient Greek production methods used in the creation of our modern bottles.

When Jonas is not keeping the Blue Door open in our Chapel Shop, he is working on the web shop, heading our transition to an English language website - putting his master's degree in English and translation studies to great use - as well as the anchor-man behind the re-organization of our sales-channels into one.

I met Jonas at our wine events around town over the years. What struck me was his curiosity to taste new, whilst comparing it to known wine styles and areas, which he puts to good use when suggesting you what to explore.

If you have not met Jonas yet, be sure to drop by the Chapel on Fridays or Saturdays, where there's a good chance for a conversation on all things wine.

Photo of Jonas here is from the other day, where our talks - and sips - naturally meandered to Crete, and a favorite wine of his from @domaine.economou.

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