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Who Works with Our Wines

The following specialty shops, wine shops, wine bars and restaurants carry a selection of OINOFILIA’s wines.

Feel free to contact us if you want to know exactly which wines you can buy or enjoy where.

The list for the Swedish restaurants and wine bars that work with our wines is with many more inserts than here. Our collaboration partner Pontus Lindqvist from Wine Waves will be able to tell you of more places.

Post lock-down rounds 2020, list is being updated. Please return again soon.


Of places that previously carried our wines (many of which have closed, or, changed owners or/and concept) we are glad to mention: Alchemist (Aarhusgade), Bastard, Erikstorps Kungsgård, Esperanto, Hærværk, Le Pinard, Molskroen, Mölle Krukmakeri & Café, Nabo, Noma, Nært, Rødder & Vin, Spisehuset, Stride Strømme, Skål, Taller, Ti Trin Ned, VesterØL, Volt, Vår, Vintro and Wilhem...