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Travel Tips


You are going to Greece for holiday or business and you would like to know about where to go, what to see, drink and eat…?

Over the years we advise / have advised many many friends, contacts and clients on our take of "A for Athens" or where to go on holiday in the mainland and on the islands… combining it with restaurant and winery visits… But, we have no longer enough time to do it.

If you would like a tailor-made heads-up, for example on the wine scene in Athens, come by the Chapel and get a couple of our bottles to-go.

Tell us where you would like to go and what you would like to experience and we will get back to you with some information. 

Instead of sending you an email with information we can also tell you about options and suggestions in person and show places and sites from our many magazines, books and maps in the Chapel.

If you wish us to plan a winery tour to one, or many, of our winery partners the price will depend on the winery in question and what you would like to experience. 

In the nearby future we hope to be able to offer gastronomic tours to Athens as well as wine travels to different locations in Greece.