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Get a Trio - Roditis

Get a Trio - Roditis

419,00 kr

Roditis is the most planted green grape variety in Greece. It is also the basis for hundreds of everyday white wines including the traditional Greek wine, Retsina. This is perhaps the reason why the variety is often characterized as "humble" or 3rd grade. In reality, Roditis is not quite a green grape variety, as the color of the grape tends to the pink, and it is certainly not "humble", since, under the right conditions, it can yield different and excellent wines. 

Modern, organic-biodynamic producers behind Roditis wines - here amongst, Oinofilia’s winery partners Tatsis, Tetramythos and Kontozisis, are with low yield production and produce very expressive whites with great "value for money".

The wine of Roditis is with fine aromas of lime, citrus and minerality. It has a long length and an aftertaste with a fine hint of minerality, even a whiff of salt, when especially Tetramythos is behind the wine.

White wine on Roditis can be enjoyed alone on a day of fine sunshine on the terrace. But the wine is also good for many different dishes, e.g. steamed or grilled vegetables, mussels and fish, preferably with a little lemon and olive oil for, outside of strong spices.

The wine is often compared to low yield Pinot Grigio from Italy, as both grapes are with a pink hue and not an ordinary green grape variety. 

The grape has the last two decades shown exceptionally great potential for orange wine. Thus many wineries - with Tatsis and Tetramythos as pioneer - are taking the old - also Greek tradition - up for making bold and complex orange wine on the grape.

With this trio you get three absolutely unique natural expressions of the grape, where Tetramtyhos Roditis Nature, from its Patras appellation, has been with us from the start. Actually we met the wine 10 years ago. - How time flies. 

So if you want to dig a little Oino-deeper - "learning by tasting" - the big Greek grape - our second most sold Greek grape - which is to be met out at our restaurants and wine bars, and, not only in the "shape" of a white wine, but, also as Retsina or orange wine, here is your - or your loved ones - chance... 

Aoton Roditis 2020, 179.00
Tatsis Roditis Alepou 2019 169.00
Tetramythos Roditis Nature 2021 145.00

Normal price (listed) 493.00
Trio price (15%) 419.00

We will launch five trios before the Holidays. Stay tuned.

The Trio is limited. Get yours before your neighbour.

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