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The Holiday Set

The Holiday Set

456,00 kr

Three untraditional wines paired well with the delights of the Danish Christmas table?

Yes! Enjoy them over the holidays with/out food, ask your family or friends to get a set as well and you can all zoom-in, taste Christmas away-together.  

Garalis, Retsina 2019, from the volcanic island of Lemnos, for the marinated herring at the Christmas lunch instead of beer, DKK 99.00 (500 ml.).
Sclavos, Vino di Sasso 2019, from the picturesque island of Cephalonia, for the NYE cod instead of Burgundian whites, DKK 249.00.
Thymiopoulos, Naoussa Alta 2017, from the green, cool heights in Naoussa of Macedonia, for the roast pork instead Piemontese reds, DKK 189.00.

Get the trio with a 15% bundle rebate at DKK 456.00 to and incl. December 20th.
The normal price is DKK 537.00.

Ps. Although, Garalis is failry new in our portfolio, their orange wine Terra Amberra made it to Restaurant Moment just before the new December lockdown. Also, we are really happy to tell, Sclavos' Vino di Sasso and Thymiopoulos' Naoussa Alta made it to Restaurant Alchymist now first in December. 

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