02: Pernille & Gi kai Uranos

What’s your name, what is your profession and where do you work?
My name is Pernille. I am an educated waitress and sommelier from Vinakademiet in Copenhagen. I own a wine bar in Odense that also sells wine to private clients and other businesses. I have an AP degree in Commerce Management and a BA study in Innovation and Entrepreneurship on the side of my work.

From where do you know about our wines?
It started some years ago in Copenhagen, where I was invited by a friend to a wine tasting that happened to be with Greek wines, hosted by Maria. I loved the wines and later on, a different occasion I got to work with the Greek wines from Oinofilia in a restaurant. When I opened my own place, one of the first importers I called to buy wines from was Oinofilia.

Do you have a favourite Greek wine?
I have MANY! But one that never fails and that I always love and are in the mood for is Gi kai Uranos (Earth and Sky) from Thymiopoulos Vineyards in Naoussa. It is simply Xinomavro at its' best!

What’s so special with Gi kai Uranos (Earth and Sky)?
The wine is light in color and mouth fullness, but still so intense in flavour, acidity and many but very light tannins that makes the wine really structured and rank.

How would you best enjoy the wine, or, what kind of food would you suggest to pair the wine with?
Chilled, all by itself. Or served with a slightly spicy pasta dish with scallops, tomatoes and pork or veal.

This photo of Pernille was taken at a bachelor party at her wine bar S'vineriet Vinapotek this summer, teasing the guests, presenting Thymiopoulos Vineyards Gi kai Uranos 2017 blind with Domaine Louis Chenu, Savigny Vielle Vignes 2014.

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