About Oinofilia

Greek wine has been around for a very very very long time, and evidence is constantly showing up, moving the time frame further and further back. In 2017 the archaeologists found evidence that winemaking in Greece has been a de-facto as far back as 6.000 years BC, opening up the discussion; did the Greeks make wine first, were they as early as the Georgians or was it done in parallel?

The Greek wine history and traditions have been through endless turbulent ups and downs since the times of antiquity, wars and crises, but the country has been writing a new story with regained pride over the last many, a story full of self-confidence, know-how, specialization and exploration of the country’s hundreds of indigenous grape varieties thriving in the mountain heights, in the volcanic soils, by the sea in the sun and the strong wind and minimal rain - all factors catered to a setting of true, authentic wines that all wine-lovers should have the chance to explore.

For a long time, there has been a standstill regarding our knowledge of the wines of Greece here in Scandinavia. It's not the Greeks, who are unwilling to share, Greek wine is already very well represented in many restaurants, wine bars and specialty shops in NYC, Tokyo, Paris, London and all over the rest of the world. Our mission, here at Oinofilia, is to change the negative perception of Greek wines in Denmark and Sweden and bring them to light and give them the same level of attention as the more well-known, wine-producing neighboring countries of the Mediterranean.

Oinofilia is a special wine import with modern green Greek wine as its specialty, established in December 2012 by Maria Warming Brink Tsalapati.

As an assurance of quality, it is a prerequisite for Oinofilia - prior to starting a collaboration and import – that we personally visit the wineries; getting to know the winemaker, tasting the wine, learning about its green wine production methods and meeting its terroir. Thus, I dedicate much time to studying, travelling and finding wines from all around Greece.

Oinofilia's portfolio of Greek wines has not previously been imported to, or presented in, Denmark and Sweden. And, unlike others in the business, all wines are imported directly by Oinofilia. No middlemen or mediators are involved in the process, so we make sure you get the wine at a fair price and straight from the winery.

Our presence in Sweden has been ongoing in different forms and with different partners since 2016. But, finally, we have our own company, Oinofilia AB. This means, our full portfolio can exclusively be obtained B2B in Sweden from this Summer (August 2023).

Today you can meet our wines at some of our finest restaurants, nicest bistros, authentic wine bars and specialty shops in Denmark and Sweden. 

Are you a sommelier, working in the restaurant industry, running a wine bar or wine shop and want to know more about our portfolio? Always feel free to call or write us for more information and we will send you a log-in to download our portfolio.

I hope Oinofilia will help open the window a little for you, taste the exciting wines from our hand-picked portfolio from the dedicated green Greek wineries.

Στην υγειά σας,


/ Maria Warming Brink Tsalapati