Collection: Aoton Winery

The word “Aoton” is defined as “finest specimen of its class” in ancient Greek and Aoton Winery, headed by vintner Sotiris Ginis, has dedicated themselves to the production of the finest wine of its class. The winery is located in the heart of Mesogia, between Athens and the Eastern coast, where it for generations served as the region’s “patitiri” or “communal press.”

Sotiris Gkinis revived the 6-hectare organic family vineyard, defined by its rich, red sandy-clay soils. The winery produces PGI Attiki-certified organic wines from the native varietals and a high-quality “traditional appellation” retsina.

The secret of Aoton exceptional, classic wines is no secret at all: low yields, high-quality grapes, organic cultivation, and night-harvesting to retain acidity and aromatic freshness in the fruit, and a low-intervention winemaking philosophy.

"Everything begins and finishes in wine tasting. The taste drives me to the wine I produce and not the techniques that follow the taste"
Sotiris Gkinis