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We loooove to host or co-host tastings over our bottles of Greek.

Check in here for an overview of where we will be when and browse by the events on our Facebook page, also posted frequently onto our Instagram ID.

Take contact to us if you are interested in a Greek tasting.

Our 2020 Event Calendar

January 15-16, 2020
B2B tastings
Misc. places, Odense and Aarhus

January 22, 2020
B2B tasting - Wine Waves
Julie, Malmö

January 25, 2020
Aperitivo, wine bar pop-up, 4-6PM
Spidsroden, Copenhagen

February 5, 2020
Monhtly Chapel Tasting, Vertical Black of Kalavryta, 7-9PM - CANCELLED
Oinofilia, Copenhagen

February 22, 2020
Orange Wine Seminar - Wine Waves, 1-6PM
Tyge & Sessil, Stockholm

February 24, 2020
Portfolio Tasting - For Wine Professionals, 11AM-2PM
Oinofilia, Copenhagen

March 4, 2020
Monthly Chapel Tasting, 6 Shades of Orange (wine), 7-PM
Oinofilia, Copenhagen

March 12, 2020
Kate's Joint and Oinofilia, 5-10PM
Kate's Joint, Copenhagen

March 18, 2020
B2B tasting - Wine Waves, 1-4PM
Moriska Paviljongen, Malmö

June 19-23, 2020
Greek Wine Bar Take-over
Vinkapellet, Samsø