Collection: Muscat

While the Muscat grape is known for its sweeter, aromatic wines from all around the world, Greece has several varieties that have been cultivated in local areas for ages.

Muscat of Alexandria, while also grown in other regions, has a storied history on the island of Lemnos and in northern Greece. Both used for sweet and dry whites, this grape produced aromatic, full-bodied wines with notes of stone fruit and citrus. The fruit-heavy and well-structured nature of Muscat of Alexandria also lends itself perfectly for orange wines heavy in orange peel and earthy minerality.

Muscat de Cephalonia, as the name suggests, hails from the island of Cephalonia. Though almost going extinct in the 20th century, a redoubled effort of cultivation has yielded some supremely aromatic and complex dry and sweet whites and a few world-class orange wines.