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Garalis Winery Terra Ambera Amphora ØKO

Garalis Winery Terra Ambera Amphora ØKO

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Island of Lemnos
Garalis Winery
Orange wine
Grape varietals:
Muscat of Alexandria
Alcohol percentage:
Bottle size:
750 ml.
Natural wine - certified organic
Soil: Volcanic and limestone
Serving temperature 12-15°C

A captivating, serious orange wine that brings intensity and exuberance to the glass.

The vines grow in the volcanic soils of the island of Lemnos, cultivated organically, with no chemical intervention, irrigation or fertilization. They are formed into cups and harvested at the end of August.

After harvesting, the grape arrives at the winery in small crates. They are crushed and transferred to reclaimed clay amphoras which are then buried in the earth outside the winery for seven days, starting the spontaneous fermentation. The presence of the stems with regular pigéage (immersion of the stamps in the must) gives a distinct character to the final product. The wine remains with the lees for 4 months before the wine is transferred to a stainless steel tank for de-liming and bottling, with no stabilization and filtration. This vinification process is the same one used by the ancient Greeks on Lemnos.

Terra Ambera Amphora has a wonderfully expressive nose, with aromas of orange peel, quince jelly, dried apricot, frankincense, sage, mountain tea and flower potpourri. It gives an umami character with saltiness and intensity on the palate, with moderate acidity, light tannins, and long aftertaste.

Find the wine at Delphine in Copenhagen.

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