Collection: Agiorgitiko

Nemea on the Peloponnese peninsula is the largest PDO appellation in Greece and home to the Agiorgitiko grape. The varietal grows in a relatively cold clime, with wet winters and temperatures that are low but do not fall below freezing. The summers are warm, without being too hot. The grapes are usually harvested in September.

Wines on the Agiorgitiko grape are often characterized by deep red colour and aromatic notes of toffee and red fruits, like ripe strawberries and blackcurrant when young and cask aged. Older wines are driven by dried fruit, think fig, raisin and plum. The tannic structure of Agiorgitiko wines is remarkably soft and develops slowly.

The Agiorgitiko grape is also grown outside Nemea. Depending on the terroir and geographic region, it can express many different qualities. The grape is said to be somewhat of a chameleon, taking on strong characteristics of its growing conditions.