Collection: Domaine Karanika

At Domaine Karanika, the wine-making duo of Annette Van Kampen and Laurens Hartman transform the versatile Xinomavro grape into their magical sparkling Brut Cuvées. Their Xinomavro grapes are primarily harvested from their vineyards located in the millennia-old seabed-terroir, surrounded by snow-capped mountains in the most north-western parts of Greece. The vineyards are located in a more temperate climate, with sun, rain, snow and temperatures below freezing, similar to the climate found in the Champagne region of France.

The winemakers of Domaine Karanika have designed and built their own gravity-flow system, this allows them to avoid pumping the wine when transporting it from press to steel tanks, further on to the casks and, lastly, onto bottles. The juice is unfiltered but stabilized using natural means. This way, Annette and Laurens can produce the purest and freshest juice for the winery's sparkling, whites and reds.

You won’t find better sparkling wine, made using Méthode Traditionnelle, anywhere on the Balkans or, really, anywhere in the Mediterranean. The process is exactly the same as that used in the making of the best biodynamic Epernay Champagne, only using Greek grapes from the most temperate winemaking region in Greece.

In the future, Domaine Karanika will focus their recourses on their Brut Cuvée production, and it can therefore be expected, that we will see fewer of their other products, such as their red wines.

The winery produces their wines using a philosophy that incorporates biodynamic elements and organic methods, though their wines are yet to be certified organic.

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