Collection: Tetramythos Wines

Panayiotis Papagiannopoulos is the oenologist and magician behind the wines of Tetramythos Wines, located in the high mountains - the Greek Alps - in the Peloponnese.

Panayiotis is known for being one of the most innovative wine producers in Greece; humble and with great dedication, he has saved local grapes from extinction and researched how to use the amphora of the past in the present, in their new interpretation of Retsina and the Roditis Orange Nature.

All wines are certified organic, from vines of Tetramythos’ own vineyards at an altitude of 800 meters in the windswept mountains of the Kalavryta area, an area which in addition to vineyards, steep hillsides, deep forests, rivers and stalactite caves is also known for Greece's largest ski area.

We have worked with Tetramythos Wines since our own start in 2013.

Some of the wines we carry from Tetramythos Wines have been created for the French natural wine market. Oinofilia was the first importer outside France, lucky enough to carry these wines.