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Tetramythos Wines Retsina Amphorae Nature ØKO

Tetramythos Wines Retsina Amphorae Nature ØKO

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Ano Diakopti, Peloponnes
Tetramythos Wines
Retsina, resinated white wine
Grape varietals:
Alcohol percentage:
Bottle size:
750 ml.
Certified organicnatural wine
Soil: Limestone
Serving temperature: 10-12°C

A modern classic: the Amphora-fermented Retsina, on the Roditis varietal form 20-25-year-old north facing bush-vines which grow in limestone-rich soil at an altitude of 850 meters. The resin for this wine is harvested from the winery's own pine trees and added raw to the Roditis-most, extracted by basket press. The wine is spontaneously fermented in 2-300 old reused Cretan amphoras.

You can feel the presence of the resin on both nose and palate, but it is very well integrated with notes of citrus. It has a whiff of salt and minerality - an all-around thirst quencher and very drinkable retsina with nice longevity in the mouth.

A youthful wine that pairs well with grilled fish and spicy foods, but goes well with anything from sushi to kimchi and classic Greek dishes.

The wine is a natural wine with no added sulphites, made for the fresh wine market. Compared to the conventional version, it is less resinated and more Roditis. An absolute must-taste wine experience.

The wine has been reviewed by René Langdahl in Gastro, by Søren Frank on podcast, can be seen in Klinken's Kitchen YouTube and in plenty of bottle-shots on Instagram.

FInd it at Delphine in KBH.
Has been served many a place over the years, including the charming Hörte Brygga and Pia’s Kitchen.

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