OinoBox - Wine Subscription

Greek wine has been around for very very long. And, the time frame is constantly moving, further and further away from BC. In 2017 the archaeologists found evidence that the wine making in Greece has been a de facto for 6000 years BC, and, it is being discussed, did the Greeks make wine as early as and parallel with the Georgians...

The Greek wine history and traditions have been through endless turbulent ups and downs following the ancient times, but, are these modern decades writing a new history with a refound pride, know-how and specialization… and exploration of the country’s hundreds of indigenous grape varieties thriving in the mountain heights in the volcanic soils at the sea in the sun in the strong wind and with minimal rain… all factors catering for a setting of true, unique wines that all wine-curious should have the chance exploring.

OinoBox is our wine subscription plan (since 2018) with which we wish to offer you new exploring sips of Greece each month.

It will bring three different hand-selected bottles of organic, biodynamic or natural Greek wines from our artisan partner wineries directly to your doorstep, to taste contemporary wine on local Greek grapes as well as to uncork, in Scandinavia more unknown, big Greek appellation wines sip by sip in peace and quiet.

With the OinoBox you can save approximately 25-40% on the great bottles, compared to if you otherwise bought them via our web shop.

What comes with the OinoBox?
  • 3 different bottles from our Greek family winery partners all around Greece – from the cool heights North to the sunny windy islands South - matching the season. Usually you will find two whites or two reds and / or a rosé or an orange, but, not a sweet wine.
  • A Greek grape call-out card on each of the new grapes you will taste with the OinoBox, easy to collect and keep.
  • A at all times 10% OinoBox Club rebate on all our wines (except rare vintages and wines from our collaborating partners in the Chapel shop).

The OinoBox can be ordered from today / this day until the end of the month. Around the last week of each month the OinoBox will be shipped out and made availabe for pick-up in the Chapel shop.

How do I get the OinoBox?
Each OinoBox shipment is delivered with PostNord within the last part of the month. The delivery cost wihtin Denmark is included in the subscription plan.

If you are residing outside Denmark, take contact to us before you sign-up, as to inform you of a little top-up of courier expense.

What are the subscription plans?
We offer three types of subscription plans that are binding for 1, 3 or 6 months. The subscription renews automatically.

Oinobox for 1 month

kr. 509 per month


 Oinobox for 3 months

kr. 489 per month


 Oinobox for 6 months

kr. 459 per month

Can I cancel the subscription?
To cancel your OinoBox subscription, unsubscribe with the data from your sign-up subscription email.

Pt. the OinoBox subscription service is only for clients residing Denmark and Sweden. In 2022 we plan to open up for more countries.

As to create a whiff of wine suspense, for new and present subscribers, we prefer not to include information on the specific wines the Oinobox contains. Sometimes we air the wines on SoMe, but, it is not the thumb of rule. If you want to know the details of the wines before subscribing, write us an email and we will get back to you momentarily.

If you chose to pick-up your OinoBox in our physical wine shop, at Kapellet, Blågårds Plads 6A,. 2200 Kbh N, you can obtain a 50% rebate off your next Oinofilia purchase (max. 3 bottles of wine).