Collection: Mavro Kalavrytino

Mavro Kalavrytino, also known as Black of Kalavryta, is the local blue grape grown in the mountainsides of Ajialio and Kalavryta in the Achaia region, in the northwest part of the Peloponnese peninsula. It was close to extinction until oenologist Panayiotis Papagiannopoulos from Tetramythos wines found viable Mavro Kalavrytino vines 15 years ago, which helped save the varietal.

Mavro Kalavrytino is a small, thin-skinned, tricksy grape that ripens in late October. It is characterized by a nice concentration of acids and tannins, with fruity strawberry aromas, tinged with a hint of earthiness that lends itself to a unique, soft, light, medium-bodied elegant tannic structure. Known for its refreshing taste, wines on the Mavro Kalavrytino varietal are an exciting alternative to Pinot Noir from places like Burgundy. The more the wine ages, the more notes of leather and earth will develop in the aroma.

Though the grape is mostly found as a supporting player in blends, Tetramythos wines uniquely produce 100% Mavro Kalavrytino wines.