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Halkia Wines Agiorgitiko Red ØKO

Halkia Wines Agiorgitiko Red ØKO

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2020 / 2022
Grape varietals:
Alcohol percentage:
Bottle size:
750 ml.
Soil: Clay and limestone
Serving Temperature: 15-18°C

Halkia Agiorgitiko Red is a classic, fresh and natural vinification of the popular blue Greek grape, Agiorgitiko - planted in the soil of its ancient birthplace of Nemea.

The vines grow in the mild Mediterranean climate, with periods of extreme heat in the summer and extremely low temperatures in winter - unusual for southern Greece and the grapes are hand-harvested.

The wine undergoes 5 days of maceration and spontaneous fermentation in steel tanks, with tactical temperature-controlled pump overs and pump downs and no filtering or additives, except 30 gr/ton of sulphates. It is matured for three months with the fine lees.

The deep impenetrable red colour, reminiscent of fresh beetroot juice, hints at the wine's notes of crushed red cherries and black fruit, rusk bread, as well as a whiff of salt and umami. The tannins are fine, velvety and pleasant, and make for a very easy and drinkable wine.

A perfect wine to enjoy as is, lightly chilled on the porch, or with pizza, pasta or anything with tomatoes, salt and herbs. And, as we found out during Christmas, with traditional Christmas foods like flæskesteg and rødkål. 

This unoaked wine is a modern expression of Agiorgitiko, which traditionally is cask aged. This wine is the clean expression of the grape, unmasked by barrel ageing.

This beautiful red has found fans all around Copenhagen - amongst others, ILUKA, Meyer's Deli, Meyer's Madhus, Nørrebro Kolonial, Cibi e Vini and Spidsroden. 

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