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Garalis Winery Terra Roza ØKO

Garalis Winery Terra Roza ØKO

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Island of Lemnos
Garalis Winery
2021 / 2020
Rosé-Orange wine
Grape varietals:
Muscat of Alexandria, Limnio
Alcohol percentage:
Bottle size:
750 ml.
Natural wine, certified organic
Soil: Volcanic
Serving temperature: 11-13°C

A unique rosé-orange wine from Muscat of Lemnos (Alexandria) and Limnio that intrigues with its simultaneous fruity and salty character.

The vines grow in the volcanic soils of the island of Lemnos, cultivated organically, with no chemical intervention, irrigation or fertilization. They are formed into cups and harvested at the end of August.

To create Terra Roza rosé, Garalis Winery has combined the white Muscat Alexandria varietal and the red Limnio varietal. For Muscat of Alexandria, the grapes are crushed and transferred to winemakers for pre-fermentative extraction with cycling of the juice for 5 days, with cooling of the tank so that fermentation does not start. At the same time, the Limnio is put in a decanter with a few hours of extraction and part of it is sent to the Moschato tank for the blending of the two varieties. Fermentation begins spontaneously and when complete, the wine is bottled without stabilization, filtration and or sulphites.

This wine, which falls somewhere between an orange and a rosé, has wonderful aromas of red fruits, strawberry, quince, dried flowers and an unmistakable umami character similar to soy sauce. It has an accentuated acidity, light tannins, restrained
alcohol, full volume and long aftertaste.

Terra Roza works perfectly with seafood like squid, octopus and larger shellfish. The umami character of the wine also lends itself to dishes like spaghetti with smoked salmon and capers in a vodka sauce and charcuterie. The wine will stand out and be perfectly highlighted by the saltiness of a thinly sliced prosciutto.

Find the wine at The Norrmans Kitchen and at Spidsroden.

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