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Garalis Winery Terra Ambera Deep Skin ØKO

Garalis Winery Terra Ambera Deep Skin ØKO

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Island of Lemnos
Garalis Winery
Orange wine
Grape varetials:
Muscat of Alexandria
Alcohol percentage:
Bottle size:
750 ml.
Natural wine, certified organic
Soil: Volcanic
Serving temperature: 12-14°C

A wine with character and concentration that will pleasantly surprise any friend of Muscat of Alexandria who loves the orange expression of this grape.

The vines grow in the volcanic soils of the island of Lemnos, cultivated organically, with no chemical intervention, irrigation or fertilization. They are formed into cups and harvested at the end of August.

After harvesting, the grape arrives at the winery in small crates. They are crushed and transferred to winemakers for pre-fermentative extraction along with the stems before starting the spontaneous fermentation. It is transferred to tanks where it is regularly cycled for 4 months. The stems settle at the bottom of the tanks and are left there when the mass is taken out to be lightly pressed in a pneumatic press. The juice is run into a new tank and is then bottled without the use of stabilizers or filtering.

Terra Ambera Deep Skin has a nose with intensity, richness and complexity. Aromas of dried apricots, yellow-fleshed peach, loquat, quince, portobello mushroom and blonde raisin. The palate has accentuated acidity, light tannins, restrained alcohol, rich body and long aftertaste.

Terra Ambera Deep Skin pairs perfectly with white meats for everyday comfort dishes like lemon chicken with baked potatoes, fried pork with feta cheese and oregano or a crispy stir-fry chicken fillet, as well as the more festive recipes like duck fillet with sweet potato puree and orange sauce or a wild boar terrine with Cognac.

The wine was enjoyed by the reviewers of Weekend Avisen at ILUKA in late June 2020 and was met with a great review.

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