03: Lorenzo & Malagouzia Orange

What’s your name, what is your profession and where do you work?

My name is  Lorenzo Cioli. I am from Tuscany in Italy and I work as head sommelier at the fish restaurant Iluka in the center of Copenhagen owned by Beau Clugston.

From where do you know about our wines?
The reputation of Maria is spread between suppliers as a great taster and a knowledgeable wine person. I asked sommelier Felix Chamarro to give me her contact details because I was looking for something different and exciting.

Do you have a favourite Greek wine?
It is always difficult to reply to such a question as a sommelier, a lot of wines are great for different reasons. In the case, I am forced to mention one producer and one cuvee, I would say: Domaine Tatsis Malagouzia Orange. I choose this wine because it is one of the firsts wines where I was greatly surprised about quality, balance and intensity.

What’s so special with wine Domaine Tatsis Malagouzia Orange?
I was seriously shocked about the potential of this wine. I would say that Malagouzia Orange is one of the reasons that I decide to work with Greek wines.

How would you best enjoy the wine, or, what kind of food would you suggest to pair the wine with?
The beauty of this wine is that it has elegance and finesse with power and intensity of flavours.
You can enjoy it with plenty of different food from an oyster with chili vinaigrette to a roasted flat fish with a seaweed paste.
I used this wine with guests that were trying for the first time orange wines, others that they wanted something fun and unusual, and others again that wanted something different.
I think that this wine is simply a good wine to drink any moment of the day even by itself!


This photo of Lorenzo was taken at Iluka earlier this month with both Domaine Tatsis Malagouzia Orange and Malagouzia White. The wines are expected back in stock as soon as possible. 

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