04: Peder & Old Roots Xinomavro



What’s your name, what is your profession and where do you work?

My name is Peder Larsen. I am an educated sommelier from Vinakademiet in Silkeborg. Since then I did the WSET level 3 and am currently studying for my Diploma with WSET in London. I manage a wine shop in Næstved, on Southern Zealand, selling wines to both private customers and B2B.

From where do you know about our wines?
Years back, when I was studying for sommelier, I heard about Greek wines and was looking for them. By chance, I met Maria at a #winelover "get together" a few years later. I fell for the wines immediately! Greek wines really bring something else to the wine scene in terms of authenticity.  

Do you have a favourite Greek wine?
I have a lot! And it is really hard to choose just one. A wine which blew me away, when I first tasted it was Old Roots from Domaine Tatsis in Goumenissa. I first tasted it at a Wine Jockey event at Terroiristen back in 2016, when Stergios Tatsis was here to present the wines the first time. Old Roots is such a big framed Xinomavro.

What’s so special with Old Roots?
This wine has such character. It really reflects the uncompromising style of Tatsis' wines. It has amazing structure with lots of really firm tannins. Plenty of ripe fruit adds body and flesh to its big frame. It is a perfect wine for the winter.

How would you best enjoy the wine, or, what kind of food would you suggest to pair the wine with?
This is a wine to be enjoyed with food. I love to pair it with an Osso Buco and a risotto Milanese or with a hearty venison stew. Another pet pairing of mine is a plain steak with Melanzane gratinate.

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