Year End 2023 - 01: Eva Marie


What’s your name and where do you work?
I’m Eva Marie and I work in Devoteam as an IT consultant, where I ensure usability in large IT systems. Furthermore, I spend 4 hours every Friday or Saturday in the Wine Chapel, giving advice on which Greek wine to choose for several occasions. Aside that I give tastings in various settings, as I really enjoy sharing the experience of deciphering aromas from each other — finding resemblances, memories via what our amazing nose can fathom and link to past experiences where smells always have a central (but often subtle) role.

Do you have a favourite Greek wine you cannot live without for the holidays?
Definitely Thymiopoulos’ Rosé de Xinomavro 2013

What’s so special with Rosé de Xinomavro ?
It is a special and “off the beaten path” holiday wine, I know, but I love it for its rare mix of aromas - ripe strawberries and acidic blood orange intertwined with balanced tannins. It is almost more an orange wine than a rosé. I love the complexity, herbaceous wildness and the long aftertaste.
The first time I tried this wine, my eyebrows flew up in my forehead, and I was like: Is this even possible? This wine was so intense! I sensed summer fruits and sun, but completely without the lightness and “this is a rosé for the terrasse”.

How would you best enjoy the wine, or, what kind of food would you suggest to pair the wine with?
I could easily drink a glass of this as a “meditation glass”, but this Christmas I will try it with winter salads packed with flavors and depth. E.g. crunchy kale salad with roasted almonds, persimon, blood orange, pomegranate and parsley.

You can meet Eva Marie today, December 29th, in the Chapel with a couple of last bottles of Thymiopoulos Vineyards Rosé de Xinomavro 2013, which we let go with a special Eva-Marie price these last days of 2023.

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