01: Stefan & Vino di Sasso

What’s your name and what do you do?
My name is Stefan Jensen. I'm the owner of Terroiristen wine bar and the wine import and distribution company WineWise in Copenhagen. My work focus is on natural wines from Italy & Eastern Europe.

From where do you know about our wines?
From a Wine Jockey event at Terrroiristen in 2013. That evening gave me a new perspective on Greek wines of today. I learned about the dynamic natural wine scene in Greece and I've since worked with many different Greek wines in both private & professional contexts. In the wine bar, I’m thrilled to be able to serve these wines by the glass to show our guests that the natural wine world is much more than the usual stuff we see around town mainly from France. There is another world of great wine experiences waiting out there for those who dare open their minds.

Do you have a favorite Greek wine?
I've many, but, there is one in particular that I find very interesting. Sclavos Winery Vino di Sasso of the local grape Robola from the island of Kefalonia. I first tasted this wine at a wine fair in Athens and it immediately struck me as a wine with that extra something, that made it transcend the domain of simple taste and gave me an undefinable, emotional experience. Few wines does it – for me it is the hallmark of a truly great wine.

What’s so special with Vino di Sasso?
Trying to be more analytic, I'd underline the wine’s unique character coming from the terroir of Kefalonia. It’s like nothing else I’ve tasted and stands out in the international wine sea of characterless wines on the international varieties. Here you find a local grape, adapted to the unique climatic and soil conditions on this island, allowing it to present itself with a beautiful balance between intense, refined fruit, acidity, minerality and persistence: Everything required by a great wine but with a unique aroma profile.

What kind of food would you suggest to pair with the wine?
This wine would do well with fish-dishes. I’d go for an elaborated dish as the wine has the intensity to underline such. A cod or a redfish, maybe with a shellfish based sauce.

(The interview was published in February 2018 on Facebook and Instagram)

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