05: Laetitia & Roditis-Alepou

What’s your name, what is your profession and where do you work?
My name is Laetitia Piccirillo and I am the owner of Yefsi’s Greek Import and co-owner of Nørrebro Kolonial, which is a grocery store on Jægersborggade in Copenhagen. I am French with Greek and Italian origins and I have been working in the food industry for the last 20 years.

From where do you know about our wines?
When I started to import Greek products, a few moths later I heard about Oinofilia and tried to meet Maria in her little Chapel. But due to different schedules, I never managed until I partnered with Mirian (also co-owner of Nørrebro Kolonial), where I finally met Maria and her fantastic Greek wines!

Do you have a favourite Greek wine?
This is probably the most difficult question I have to answer! Today I will choose Roditis-Alepou from Tatsis Winery in Goumenissa of Northern Greece.

What’s so special with Roditis-Alepou from Tatsis?
The taste of Roditis is for me are a trip to Greece. This specific Roditis from Tatsis is so elegant, smooth and still with a firm character.

How would you best enjoy the wine, or, what kind of food would you suggest to pair the wine with?
Roditis-Alepou is perfect to combine with a plate of cheese and carob croutons, or with a traditional “dakos” (Cretan salad based on barley rusk, tomatoes, feta and capers), but also with a freshly grilled dorade or seafood in general.

The Tatsis Roditis-Alepou 2018 can - with other of our wines - be purchased from Nørrebro Kolonial.

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