06: Kate & Nyxteri

What’s your name, what is your profession and where do you work? 

My name is Kate Kamil. I am the owner of Kate’s Køkken and Kate’s Joint Restaurant & Take away in Blågårdsgade in the heart of Nørrebro; a Jack/Jill of all trades in numerous fields.

From where do you know about our wines?
I was offered a tasting glass in a local wine shop, which was stocking up the white wines from Sclavos. That sip had me coming back for a bottle, and, not long after I met Maria at a BBQ. We were both very excited that I actually knew about the amazing and very serious winemaking from Maria’s fatherland. Even better, the wine I fell in love with was from Oinofilia’s portfolio. Not long after, we started stocking Greek wines at Kate’s Joint. 

Do you have a favourite Greek wine?
Tough one, as I keep getting pleasantly surprised… A top billin' one is Hatzidakis Nyxteri from the volcanic island of Santorini. 

What’s so special with Nyxteri from Hatzidakis?
It’s powerful and complex… How did they get all the ‘cream’ in there, I wonder. The wine is for me the definition of moreish.

How would you best enjoy the wine, or, what kind of food would you suggest to pair the wine with? 
As we do quite a lot of richly spiced food at Kate’s Joint, it's amazing to experience the Greek wines work so well, as Greek food - compared to the Indian - usually is very mildly flavoured. 
As for Nyxteri, I find, it is paired spot-on with different seafood and simple bbq meats seasoned with salt, lemon and olive oil. 

There are a few bottles left of Hatzidakis Nyxteri 2018 at Kate’s Joint…

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