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Afianes Wines Pithari White ØKO

Afianes Wines Pithari White ØKO

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Island of Ikaria
Afianes Wines
White - technically light orange
Grape varietals:
Alcohol percentage:
Bottle size:
750 ml.
Certified organic, natural wine
Serving temperature: 10-12°C

This complex white is the choice for your private dinner. It is cloudy with bright gold colours. Has scents of smoky, grapefruit, and earthiness - think first rain and wet granite - as well as mushrooms. This pure terroir wine is rich in minerals, with an evolving taste, and a unique flavour. Hints of wild herbs, tobacco, citrus fruits, and a wet granite finish.

Pairs excellently with Mollusks, seashells, oysters, clams and grilled medium or high-fat fish. Smoked and camembert cheeses, as well as wild vegetables with lemon.

 "12%, dusty dry… and yet, not quite so. Do you know the grape Begleri? Well, no - what about its synonym Thrapsathiri? No, not that either. You are not the only one. I would recommend finding the video online that Afianes has posted with the production of the wine from Ikaria in the North Aegean Sea - it is pure Greek antiquity. Foot-trampled grapes in a large granite tub, juice running freely into a bucket and transferred to small buried amphorae and then all the crumbs layered on top. Organically grown and zero sulphites added. Leather, bitter almond, bitter mandarin peel, small particles floating around in the glass - that's life. The skin contact has given a bitterness that balances the acidity. Absolutely no oxidation! Incredible wine - I feel like Achilles.”

Wine writer and educator René Langdahl Jørgensen, Gastro, January 2021 (freely translated from Danish)

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