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Hatzidakis Winery Nyxteri

Hatzidakis Winery Nyxteri

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Pyrgos, Santorini
Hatzidakis Winery
Style: White
Grape Varietals:
Alcohol percentage:
Bottle size: 750 ml.
Natural, partly biodynamic
Soil: Volcanic
Production: Night harvest
Serving Temperature: 13-15°C

This wine comes to us from the people of Hatzidakis Winery, who work with an organic and biodynamic philosophy in their vineyards and with minimal intervention in their cellars.

The vines that supply the assyrtiko grapes for this boisterous white grow in three different vineyards on Santorini, all situated at an altitude between 200 and 220 meters. The vines, which have been turned in the traditional ‘koulouri’ shape resembling a pretzel shape, are over 100 years old and grow in volcanic ash and pumice, where they receive a bare minimum of rain, constant sun and powerful gusts of wind.

The grapes are hand-picked during the late August night, which gives the wine slightly higher levels of sugar than the vineyard's other assyrtiko wines, as well as its name - Nyxteri meaning night. The juice is macerated for 12 hours and spontaneously fermented with wild yeasts. It is aged for 8 months on old casks and goes completely unfiltered. 

This Assyrtiko is characterized by its yellow color and golden hues, with intense aromas of ripe citrus fruit and apples, with a hint of honey and high minerality, resembling the nerve and intensity of a Riesling.

This is not just any white wine: it has a bite of tannins, high levels of acids that are well-balanced and an almost unending aftertaste. The wine pairs well with shellfish, fish, chicken, pork - both grilled and roasted - as well as ripe cheeses like gruyere and Parmigiano.

You may have seen this wine at establishments like Geranium, Domestic, Molskroen, Kate's Joint Terroiristen, Svineriet Vinapotet and many more. 

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