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Kalogris Organic Winery O Kirios Ilios (Mister Helios) ØKO

Kalogris Organic Winery O Kirios Ilios (Mister Helios) ØKO

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Kapsas, Peloponnes
Kalogris Organic Winery
White wine
Grape varietals:
Alcohol percentage:
12.5 %
Bottle size:
750 ml.
Certified organic, natural wine
Serving temperature: 12-15°C

Mister Helios is the first and only organic natural Moshcofilero wine, made by the charming Kalogris family, at the birthplace of the light red-skinned grape varietal; the Maninia-plateau on the Peloponnese peninsula. 

The wine is a Blanc de Gris vinification of the Moschofilero-grape, fermented on the wild yeasts on steel tanks.

The wine is characterized by aromas of stone fruits with distinct floral and almond notes, with a hint of Turkish delight-like rosewater, with a nice roundness and the grape's natural sharp acidity.

The wine has a slight oxidative note on the nose, which makes this a more interesting and complex wine. Pair it with food that is heavy in herbs, spices, oil and lemon - exceptional with vegetable, fish or chicken dishes. Think of the Mediterranean Meze style of dishes when thinking of Mister Helios.

Get the wine to-go from Nørrebro Kolonial or Kihoskh, and get a little closer to the sunny Mediterranean sea, even if you are stuck in Copenhagen.

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