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Pelican's Watch - DVD

Pelican's Watch - DVD

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Enjoy this terroir-driven masterpiece in the internationally acclaimed documentary on the wine producers, their small community, the long history of wine, and its many traditions on the volcanic island of Santorini.

 The movie was created by the Gree-Danish director Lea Binzer and the Greek-Irish wine reviewer, author and judge in the Decanter, Nico Manessis.


Decanter wrote:

"Pelican’s Watch is a documentary about a small wine-making community on the island and its battles to stop vineyards being sold off for development.

The film is co-produced by Lea Binzer and Nico Manessis, Decanter writer and author of the Greek Wine Guide, and stars the 83-year-old Christos Dalmiras, and Nikos Pelekanos, both growers, and winemaker Paris Sigalas.

Following the nine months of the vintage from February to September, its ‘main message is that the land must be protected from development, and zoning laws must be introduced. It shows reality, you see the political situation in Greece, the cronyism,’ Manessis told’

But he made clear the story was told ‘with humanity and humour – it’s not a polemical film.’ Santorini, famous for its powerful white wines, was formed from a volcanic eruption 4000 years ago.

Some 1200ha of its extraordinary black volcanic soil are planted to Assyrtiko vines trained in the unique ground-hugging ‘basket’ system where shoots are woven around each other to protect the vine from the constant wind and sun.

The wines deliver ‘a Chablis minerality’, Manessis said. ‘They’ve been described as “Chablis on steroids”.’"

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