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B2B Sclavos Winery Metagitnion ØKO

B2B Sclavos Winery Metagitnion ØKO

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Lixouria, Kefalonia
Sclavos Winery
2019 / 2022
Orange wine
Grape Varietals:
Alcohol percentage:
Bottle size:
750 ml.
Certified organic, certified Demeter biodynamic
Soil: Sandstone cliff
Serving temperature: 12-15°C

This wine is made from 100% Vostilidi and comes to us from the certified Organic and Biodynamic producer Evriviadis Sclavos, who is the driving force behind the Sclavos winery and one of the pioneers of natural wine production in Greece.

The wine is not technically an orange wine, though the taste and structure may lead to that conclusion.

The local Vostidili grape varietal, characterized by its high tannins, grows on 90-year-old vines close to sea level and is harvested in the first half of September. The principles of the Biodynamic cultivation method are applied in the vineyard and in the winemaking process, which highlights the characteristics of the variety and the special environment of the estate. Fermentation and maturation is done in French oak barrels without added preservatives. The ageing helps soften some of the tannins.

The result is a strong fiery wine with a rich body and aromas reminiscent of dried raisins, and a continuation of a family tradition of 300 years.

The wine has been on many wine lists in our partnered restaurants and bars, going back to 2016, when we first received this heavy hitter.

The 2019 and 2021 vintages were to be found on the Noma summer menu in June 2022.


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