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B2B Tetramythos Wines Agiorgitiko Nature ØKO

B2B Tetramythos Wines Agiorgitiko Nature ØKO

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2022 / 2021
Grape varietals:
Alcohol percentage:
Bottle size:
750 ml.
Soil: Limestone
Serving temperature: 14-17°C

The wine is made from the Agiorgitiko-grape varietal, by the organic winery Tetramythos Wines. They are harvested from a single, north-facing vineyard at an altitude of 750 meters. The vines grow in rocky and limestone-rich soil.

To get the best end product, only the free-run most is used for vinification, when the grapes are pressed.

It has a deep red-violet colour and aromas of cherry, prune, fruit and vegetables, and even some beetroot and some earthiness. It has a velvety-smooth texture and a nice longevity. In the long aftertaste, there are hints of chocolate. It is a clean and fresh wine, that has been called The Greek Beaujolais by reviewers.

Pair Agiorgitiko Nature with classic Mediterranean dishes, fish, meat and tomato based dished. Agiorgitiko is great with food but is also a very nice glass by itself. If you are in warmer weather, we recommend chilling the wine slightly.

Find the wine amongst other at Terroiristen, Blåregn, Nørrebro Kolonial, Kihoskh, and at neighbour KoncertKirken’s bar.

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