Collection: Doric Wines (Dorian Wines)

Wine maker Giorgos Balatsouras is behind a certfied production of a unique little winery in the village of Koniakos in the high mountains not far from the ancient Delphi on Central Greece.

He works with Roditis and Malagousia and an old blue grape of the area from bush vines, unique 150y old tree vines, from green vineyards his family have maintained for generations. Some of the vineyards are located in an altitude of 800 m. The stunning from the vines are breathtaking.

For the vinification he has taken up an old tradtion of the area, he lets the wine macerated and wild-ferment in open horisontal wood baskets are covered with fir branches adding a touch of resin to the wine and works as a natural sulphite.

Giorgos Balatsouras does not manipulate the wines in any way. They are as natural as can be.

Maria visisted the winery in February, 2020.