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6x Retsina

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After a super call-out in the Swedish wine magazine, Törst, just now in their December 2022 issue, it is time to get our retsinas collected and up and running also on the web shop...

So hereby, get the full monty, six wines of very different expressions of the much loved (and in Scandinavia still also hated) vin d’appellation traditionnelle of Greece… from our dedicated green producers... on the classical Roditis and Savatiano grapes, but also on Muscat of Lemnos... and even Mandilaria:

Aoton – Peania, Attica
Retsina – Aoton Retsina PGI Mesogia (2019)
Retsina – Aoton Retsina PGI Mesogia (2020)
Retsina-Rosé – Aoton Lola Traditional Appellation Retsina (2020)

Garalis - Agios Dimitrios, Lemnos (volcanic island)
Retsina - Retsina 2021 (500 ml.)
Retsina - Rosé-Orange Retsina 2021 (500 ml.)

Tetramythos – Ano Diakopto, the Peloponnese
Retsina – Retsina Amphore Nature (2021)

Did you know the resinated wine isn't restricted to the Greek cuisine, but plays greatly with sushi and sashimi, and here in the Scandinavian cold, the marinated, fried or curried herrings for Christmas. Actually, it is one of our bestselling wine styles for the holidays.

There is no excuse for not studying, testing, tasting, exploring the "Greek-est" wine genre of all...

6-pack Retsina
Incl. 10% Törst bundle rebate
DKK 849.00

You can buy all the Retsinas separately (though without rebate)

We had this pack for sale for a short period of time in the late summer from our Chapel shop. You can get it the 6-pack now from the shop again.

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